The population is growing all over the world every day. As well as increasing food demand. Rising food costs. But food production is under threat day by day due to environmental disasters. A report titled ‘Asia Food Challenge Report 2021’ has been published recently.

According to the report, Asia will…

In his first speech to the United Nations as US president, Biden spoke in support of the Palestinian cause.

According to Arab News, a Middle East-based news outlet, Biden spoke at the 7th UN General Assembly on Tuesday (September 21st), local time, on a range of issues, including the nuclear deal.

He also spoke about the Palestinian-Israeli issue. In this context, Joe Biden said that the only way to…

U.S. President Joe Biden says cooperation with allies will continue through a final decade in the current world. Military power is our last refuge.

He pledged in his first speech to the United Nations on Tuesday (September 15th) after a dispute with allied France over the trilateral Akas agreement.

Joe Biden is working hard to bring America back to world leadership. He reiterated that promise on Tuesday. …

The United States is set to ease travel restrictions on citizens of various countries, including the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Recipients of the full dose of the Covid vaccine will be able to reach the country from next November.

Through this, the citizens of the United Kingdom and the countries of the European Union are going to get the opportunity to travel to the country after 18 months.

In addition…


Hundreds of people who have crossed the border into the United States have already been deported. The US administration has said that all those waiting will be sent back to Haiti as soon as possible.

Haiti’s political crisis has escalated in recent days following the assassination of the president. In…


World leaders are returning to the UN General Assembly in New York this week. They had to give a video message at the annual meeting last year due to the Corona epidemic. This time, as vaccination activities have increased, world leaders are physically attending the session.

But as the corona…

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